Minor Differences

So, after reading the Fellowship of the Ring I have decided to watch the movie. Most people love the book more than the movie; I am not one of those. Movies have always been more interesting and entertaining to me. We are not here to review the movie though.

I have only gotten through the first thirty minutes or so and have already realized the difference between the two. The start of the movie showed the ring’s origin. How Sauron made the ring to control everything and how the ring got into Gollum’s hands. Bilbo’s obtaining of the ring was different than described in the book. The movie had shown that he just found the ring in the cave Gollum lived in. Bilbo had described to Gandalf originally that he did just find the ring in Gollum’s cave. I believe it was more cinematic to just show Bilbo finding the ring instead of the two having to win the ring over riddles.

Now to the party scene. When Bilbo slipped the ring on to disappear from the party, he just faded. There was no smoke and no fireworks to make the vanishing more theatrical. He just faded away. After he faded away and made his way into his home, Gandalf appeared. They argued over the ring. When Gandalf raised his voice at Bilbo the room darkened. It was like a shadow had overcome the room, like a storm cloud filling the house. Seeing the power of Gandalf when he was angry and raising his voice was cool.

After Bilbo has left the ring and Frodo has had it for a couple years, Gandalf shows up in hurry. Seconds before he shows up to Frodo’s house, what looked like to be a hooded ghost was asking another hobbit for the Bagginses. The hooded ghost was most likely a Black Rider. That hobbit had told the Black Rider they were in the shire, he just gave up Frodo’s location. The hobbit couldn’t have known the danger he was putting Frodo in, but still. It was a black hooded ghost riding a beaten up black horse, a scary guy, and you just gave up the location of one of your own. Back to Gandalf showing up, you could see the panic on his face. The ring’s safety had him really worried, the ring itself and Frodo.

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