Away They Go

I finished the Fellowship of the Ring movie today and I and not disappointed. The movie did have some mishaps and errors that I was not fond of but we will get to that in a minute. Although there were some mistakes, it did shed some light of parts of the book I was confused or unsure about.

The differences from the movie and the book still get to the same point; the movie just uses other details to get there. One difference was the name given to the nine protectors. When the nine was put together Elrond introduced them as the Company of the Rings. The Company of the Rings was, of course, the party put together to protect Frodo and his friends on their journey to Mordor to destroy the ring. In the movie they did not say company, instead it was called the Fellowship of the Ring. More fitting don’t you think? I mean the book is called Fellowship of the Ring not Company of the Ring. The name used to address the party was not a major detail; I just thought it was more fitting to use fellowship, since it is part of the book’s name. There was an error made in the movie when the council was discussing what to do with the ring. In the movie the council tells Boromir that they cannot use the ring. That is wrong. The book explained they can use the ring but shouldn’t. The ring would corrupt whoever used it. Again, just the wrong details, like any movie versus the book.

In the book when Frodo is getting the mithril shirt from Bilbo and he wants to hold the ring, Frodo only perceived Bilbo as and Orc. The movie made this scene cool. They actually had Bilbo turn into and Orc. He was supposed to be and Orc, but I saw Bilbo as Gollum. Both he and Gollum have called the ring “my precious.” From this I thought Bilbo turned into Gollum, not an Orc. The Orcs are after the ring for Sauron, but they don’t call it their precious, only Gollum and Bilbo.

As for the famous line “You shall not pass!” said by Gandalf from the movie it is also incorrect. In the movie, it was said as an order. The book says “You cannot pass!” It is a statement because Balrog literally could not pass after Gandalf breaks the bridge. In the book Gandalf broke the bridge to protect Aragorn and Boromir from helping. In the movie, the bridge was broken to stop Balrog from getting across.

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At the end of the movie, Frodo stands at the edge of the water holding the ring in his hand. Frodo wishes the ring had never come to him and that none of the events from the ring had happened. He hears Gandalf’s voice saying: “All you have to decide is what to do with the time given to you.” Frodo must decide what to do with the ring with the time he has gained. The Orcs have captured his friends and taken their eyes off of Frodo. They have his friends though, so he must destroy the ring and try to save them. As Frodo sets off in the boat Sam arrives at the bank yelling for Frodo to come back. After almost drowning, Sam gets into the boat with Frodo. Sam made a promise to not leave Frodo. Sam says “I don’t mean to.” It was a sentimental scene and a great way to end the movie and prove to Frodo he won’t be alone on this journey no matter what.

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