Now it gets interesting…

Let’s dive into another book of Lord of the Rings shall we? This week’s blog posts will be about the second Lord of the Rings book. For now we’ll start off with the first three chapters.

In the beginning of the first chapter Frodo awakens after being stabbed by a Morgul-knife. He sees Gandalf sitting in a chair near a window in the room. Frodo was very much pleased to see Gandalf in his room. They talked for a while about the attack and where Gandalf himself had been. Wondering all this time where had Gandalf been, Frodo asked. He replied: “We shall have a Council, as soon as you are well enough. At the moment I will only say that I was held captive.” I had wondered how a wizard like himself could have been held captive. If he is such a great wizard how did he get himself into that situation? I continued to read hoping I would soon find out what had happened.

I had only gotten one page further when Frodo said he did not realize the horrible danger he would be in carrying the ring. How could he have not known? He was afraid to travel with the ring, but who wouldn’t be. And yeah he didn’t know about the Dark Lord and his servants being after the ring, but he had to have realized there would be danger in traveling with it. I was shocked, to say the least, that he didn’t think there would danger in the journey.

Frodo awoke the next day and Sam was ready to lead him to a feast. In this feast we met Glóin, one of the twelve companions of Thorin Oakenshield. The feast was over and Frodo and the others at the feast followed Elrond down the hall. Sitting on a stool in the corner was a shadow. Elrond spoke to the shadow saying a friend you’ve wished for is here. The shadow turned around and Frodo sprang up. The shadowed figure was Bilbo. The two were more than excited so see each other alive and well.

Now we begin the second chapter. The next morning the Council meeting was held. Here we meet Legolas. I had gotten a bit excited to read him name because he was one of the only characters I knew about before reading the book. In this Council meeting the ring’s make and forger was told to Frodo. Aragorn talked about his capture of Gollum and then how he had escaped his guards with the help of Orcs and is probably helping Sauron. In this meeting Gandalf shares the details of being held captive. Saruman the White, the greatest of Gandalf’s order, turns out to be a bad guy. Saruman wanted to be a part of the new Power that was rising, the Dark Lord’s power, and needed the ring to get there and be part of the new Power. After the discussion of Gandalf capture, the council decided the ring had to be dealt with. The options were slim. Either destroy the ring or send it over the Sea. I was confused as to what was decided to do with the ring, but with what little I have seen and heard of the movie and book, I know they decide to destroy the ring.  In chapter three Elrond decides who travels with Frodo. He chooses nine to accompany the ring against the Nine Riders, aka the Black Riders. Elrond chooses Gandalf, and the rest represent the Free Peoples of the World. For Elves he chose Legolas, Gimli son of Glóin for the Dwarves, and Aragorn for men. Stider has decided to join Frodo and his new crew on their journey. Sam, Merry, and Pippen refused to be left being and were allowed to join the crew. This made the Company of the Ring

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