Book One Continues

Frodo has lived seventeen years peacefully with the ring until one day Gandalf returns with news of the Dark Lord knowing of the ring’s whereabouts and Frodo has to leave the shire. Frodo, his devoted gardener Sam, and cousins Merry and Pippen leave for the Elf land of Rivendell. On their quest, they travel through the Old Forest and get attacked by evil trees and ghosts. Frodo and his companions reach the village of Bree and meet Aragorn, a Ranger of the North. Aragorn helps the group get to Rivendell. As they travel through the woods they get attacked by Black Riders. Black Riders are servants trying to retrieve the ring for the Dark Lord. Frodo is stabbed by one of the Black Riders. Glorfindel, an Elf of Elrond’s Household, brings Frodo to Rivendell safely.

For the seventeen years Frodo has had the ring he has had no trouble with it. Now, he has fled his house and gone on dangerous trips through dangerous woods to protect the ring. Still not knowing the full potential and powers of the ring he is adamant to keep it protected.

Frodo is in a unique situation. He has to protect his magical ring with only the help of his gardener, cousins, and two guys he has just met. He has not seen Gandalf since given the news of the Dark Lord knowing of the ring’s possessor. Without the help of Gandalf, Frodo’s exploration to the Elf land of Rivendell has been more dangerous than he thought.

Has Gandalf learned of the One Ring’s other powers? If so, why does he not take the ring and protect it himself?

‘“Well, here we are!” said Merry. “And very cheerless and uninviting it looks! There is no water and no shelter. And no sign of Gandalf. But I don’t blame him for not waiting- if he ever came here.”’

In chapter eleven, the group arrived in the village of Bree. As they arrived they found nothing; no water, no food, and no wizard. Merry did not believe Gandalf even passes through Bree. Had Gandalf thought this through or was it unsafe for him to stay?

Maybe Gandalf had chosen to pass through Bree because he knew it was lifeless. If no one was in the village there would be a safe passage for Frodo and the ring. The Dark Lord would not know where they were because they were all alone. Was Gandalf passing through the villages to make sure they were safe before Frodo passed through them? If so, why would he not just stay with Frodo. Gandalf was not in Bree when Frodo made it to the village. He must have known of the dangers of traveling with the ring and wanted to protect Frodo without interference. If Gandalf would have been with the crew would there have been more or less danger than before?

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