Battle of Helm’s Deep

Frodo and Sam’s adventure with Faramir was an interesting one, but the other three had a different battle to face, literally. Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli have a journey with Theoden, the King of Rohan, that gets them into some trouble.

After Orcs invaded their land, Theoden sent his people to Dunharrow. In the movie ,however, they were sent to Helm’s Deep. These places have an equal amount of safety, but Theoden expects a battle at Helm’s Deep. At Helm’s Deep, Theoden’s people take refuge in the mountain fortress of the Hornburg.

Theoden, with the help of Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli, prepare for the battle against Uruk-hai. Uruk-hai is a new breed of Orcs. There were three thousands of Theoden’s people, including children and elders, fighting against the ten thousands Uruk-hai. They were majorly outnumbered. In the movie Elves showed up in a heroic manner to help the Men in this battle. As you know the Elves and Men have not fought alongside each other in a long time. When they arrived the Men were grateful. In the book this did not happen. The Elves were occupied with their own battles. They were defending Lothlorien from an army of Orcs. In the books they were still outnumbered, compared to the help from a lot of elves in the movie. The Great Orcs used ladders to try and scale the walls of the fortress. Aragorn had to move the defenders to repel the Orcs. Other Orcs used a culvert leading out of Helm’s Deep to make it past the wall and attack. Thankfully the defenders were able to push back the Orcs. Gimli then supervised the blocking of the culvert to make sure no more Orcs could enter. This blockade did not last long. The Orcs entered the culvert once again and caused an explosion. The explosion created a large whole in the wall that could not stop Saruman’s forces.

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Knowing they could no longer hold their position, they retreated into the Glittering Caves and to Hornburg. The Orcs blasted their way to the entrance to the keep. The Horn of Helm’s Deep was sounded and troops rode and were followed by men on foot from the keep. Defenders of the caves drove the enemies out. Theoden and Aragorn, who led the troops, arrived at Helm’s Dike after going through Orcs and Dunlendings. Huorns, ent-like creatures, made a blocked any escape route the Orcs would have used. Gandalf arrived with men on foot to fight the Dunlendings and Orcs. They won the battle, you know like good guys always do, and now they proceed to Mordor.

The movie had a great portrayal of this fight. They did not show the Glittering Caves, which would have been very cool. Having jewels covering the cave walls would have been amazing, but we didn’t get that luxury. In the movie the Huorns did not just block the escape routes from the enemy they also threw rocks at them. The end of this battle allowed Gandalf, Legolas, Gimli, and Aragorn to travel to Mordor and find their other companions.

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