Window of the Sunset

So, these red robed people who were attacked by Faramir and his team are Southrons. They are not too important. They get attacked and that’s the last of them. For now at least. After Faramir and his people have killed them, they take the hobbits hostage.

Only in the movie are they taken as actual hostages. They immediately get blindfolded and get taken to a cave in the movie, however the book was different. In they were still prisoners, but only to an extent. They were forced to travel with Faramir for safety. Not just their safety though, for Faramir’s safety too. Faramir did not trust the hobbits. The hobbits were there alone, but not really. They had Gollum’s help as you know. Faramir knew there was a third person or creature, but the third was nowhere to be found. So, in the book they travel to a hidden refuge place. On their travel they talked about Boromir and his part of the Company of Nine and his death. They were brothers, so it makes sense Faramir would want to know what happened. Faramir had known there was something odd about the hobbits. He knew there was something they were hiding.

They arrived near the refuge place where the hobbits were blindfolded to keep the refuges location secure and unknown. They walked down steep narrow paths, where at some points they were carried for a minute. Malblung and Damrod, two of Faramir’s people, spun the hobbits around so they would lose their sense of direction. They were later unblindfolded. Their refuge place was called The Window of the Sunset.

The hobbits rested a while then were woken for a meal. After the meal they were led into a secluded room and spoke with Faramir. In a later part of their conversations Sam asks Faramir about Elves. Sam had noticed he had much respect for Elves. Faramir did not know much of Elven-lore but his people’s ancestors had fought beside the Elves in the first wars. They then began to talk about the Lady of Lorien, Galadriel. Sam spoke of how wonderful and beautiful she was. Faramir called her “perilously fair.” Sam, trying to explain she is perilous by her strength, threw Boromir’s name into the conversation. Sam told him Boromir wanted the ring. He explained to Faramir, he could tell Boromir wanted it from the moment he saw the ring. At that moment Frodo sprang awake. Faramir said once again, “not if I found it on the highway would I take it.”

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While the hobbits were sleeping Faramir woke Frodo to see the full moon. Sam of course followed. They stood in the cold looking at the moon till Frodo looked down to see a small dark thing. This dark thing was Gollum himself. Sitting on the rocks eating a fish he had just caught. In the movie, they have him singing and beating his fish on the ground. His song was funny.

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Gollum is captured. In the book he is lured into being captured. Frodo asks Gollum to come with him and is betrayed. This was kept the same in the movie. After he is captured, Gollum is questioned about why he is there. He is very angry at the hobbits and is now much eager to get ahold of the ring now. Can you guess what they do now? Travel, they travel some more. Now with Faramir and his people, the hobbits journey to the cross-roads.

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