Movie Number Two!

So, I watched the movie to Two Towers and honestly I am just as excited about it as I was about The Fellowship of the Ring movie. It was longer than I had expected but it had a lot more detail to include.

It was a step up from the first movie. There was a lot of traveling in the first one. Now I know that’s basically all they do in the book, but the second movie had more conflict and plot in it. So in the first movie they traveled, got attacked, had a meeting, traveled again, got attacked twice after that, then they got separated into two parties. The second movie still had much traveling, imagine that, but had conflicts in between and actual fights.

In the beginning we see Gandalf’s fall again in a dream Frodo was having. Later on in the movie we find out how his fall ended. Frodo and Sam wake to continue their journey. They meet Smeagol along the way and he shows them the safe way to the Black Gates.

While Frodo and Sam are on their path, the other three continue to look for Merry and Pippin. The three meet the Riders of Rohan. The movie made the whole ordeal with the Riders of Rohan more interesting. It showed Sauron disguised as Theoden and who banished Eomer for disagreeing. Those who agreed with Eomer made up the Riders of Rohan. It was a pretty cool story shown in the movie. Anyway after the three met the Riders and learned of their Orc slaying, the three went to the pile of dead, burning Orcs. They saw Merry and Pippen had gone into the forest, and of course they went in to the forest to look for them. When Merry and Pippen had gone in they met a bright figure who we find out is Gandalf when Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas also meet the bright figure. Gandalf and the three travel to meet Theoden and break Sauron out of him. Gandalf separates from the group once again, but the people of Rohan plus the three run into Orcs. Not just any Orcs though, Orcs on Wargs. They are basically giant wolf-dog animals. They have a fight, the good guys winning of course and they continue their path.

Going back to Frodo, they get captured by Boromir’s brother Faramir. Faramir keeps them bound and tries to drag them back to Gondor so Gondor can have the ring’s power.  On Faramir’s journey back to Gondor they get attacked. Frodo almost gets taken byy a Ring Wraith but his lovely companion Sam saves him. Faramir, now realizing Frodo’s danger and pain releases them to continue to go to Mordo.

The other two hobbits have ridden the Ents into an exciting fight. Very cool movie scene. The Ents are destroying things, then the dam breaks. Water rushes through the land and it is all very cool and cinematic. The funniest part is when the water is rushing through, then one of the trees, whose head is on fire, throws his head into the waves.

Related image

The men of Rohan and the three prepare for a fight against ten thousand Orcs. More Elves show up to help them fight. Now they have a chance to win. The fight is cool with all the Elves and Men fighting together. They win, cause good guys almost always come out on top. The movie ends with Gandalf, Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and a few others heading to Mordor. Frodo and Sam are also headed to Mordor. At least now everyone is headed to the same place.

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