Split Apart

Ok so Sméagol, or if you would like Gollum, is in two. Not literally split in two but mentally. He is trapped between the personalities of Sméagol and Gollum. His personalities argue with each other and change as he talks to other people.

So personally I like Gollum more. His speech is just amusing. The way he will hiss when he is angry and saying his own name in a menacing voice. He says his own name as if to get him focused back on the subject. “I, we, I don’t want to come back. I can’t find it. I am tired. I, we can’t find it, gollum, gollum, no, nowhere.” He is saying it to get him back on track in the sentence, it keeps him concentrated. The characteristics of him are interesting. He crawls. That’s it, the way he just crawls everywhere makes him amusing. As Gollum was climbing down the cliff’s wall while secretly following the hobbits, he was seen as a “large prowling thing of insect-kind.” Basically he looked like a giant spider crawling down a wall, really funny if you ask me.  When the hobbits followed him in the same manner Sam called them “three little precious Gollums in a row.” The way he is attached is entertaining. He is has a want for the ring so bad it has driven him mad. He is crazy about it. It is what drives Gollum.

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Sméagol is what came before Gollum. He is the rational side of the two. When he and Gollum are arguing about taking the ring from Frodo in his sleep in The Passage of the Marshes, Sméagol tries to convince Gollum to let Frodo keep the ring. Anyway he is the better of the two in a moral sense.

When he is tied in the elf rope and is forced to swear by the ring, Gollum says Sméagol swears. Gollum himself did not swear to be good. Now I know they are in the same body and mind, but that does not mean the swear was for both of them. He said Sméagol not we. Through the rest of their journey to Mordor Gollum was good though, except the debate over taking the ring from sleeping Frodo. He would leave for food, but always come back and he would slow down and wait for Frodo and Sam when he got too far ahead. He is protective of the hobbits. He makes sure he takes the save paths and they are hidden from any evil.

Once again Gollum’s speech is interesting. It is probably the best thing about him. He says “we” instead of “I.” He knows Sméagol is there and it’s like he answers for the both of them. While he answers for the both of them, that does not mean it was a mutual agreement. They do not converse with each other when decisions are made. They argue but they do not reach an understanding most times. When he does use “I,” it is serious. Gollum is being truthful and sincere when he uses “I.” Although Gollum is manly in control Sméagol makes his appearances at the right time. When an important conversation with Frodo is being had Sméagol appears. Even though Gollum is in control, he still provides for Sméagol. He ran away for a moment because “Sméagol is hungry.” He may seem the worst of the two but Gollum is still protective ( and way cooler if you ask me.)

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