Minor Differences

So, after reading the Fellowship of the Ring I have decided to watch the movie. Most people love the book more than the movie; I am not one of those. Movies have always been more interesting and entertaining to me. We are not here to review the movie though.

I have only gotten through the first thirty minutes or so and have already realized the difference between the two. The start of the movie showed the ring’s origin. How Sauron made the ring to control everything and how the ring got into Gollum’s hands. Bilbo’s obtaining of the ring was different than described in the book. The movie had shown that he just found the ring in the cave Gollum lived in. Bilbo had described to Gandalf originally that he did just find the ring in Gollum’s cave. I believe it was more cinematic to just show Bilbo finding the ring instead of the two having to win the ring over riddles.

Now to the party scene. When Bilbo slipped the ring on to disappear from the party, he just faded. There was no smoke and no fireworks to make the vanishing more theatrical. He just faded away. After he faded away and made his way into his home, Gandalf appeared. They argued over the ring. When Gandalf raised his voice at Bilbo the room darkened. It was like a shadow had overcome the room, like a storm cloud filling the house. Seeing the power of Gandalf when he was angry and raising his voice was cool.

After Bilbo has left the ring and Frodo has had it for a couple years, Gandalf shows up in hurry. Seconds before he shows up to Frodo’s house, what looked like to be a hooded ghost was asking another hobbit for the Bagginses. The hooded ghost was most likely a Black Rider. That hobbit had told the Black Rider they were in the shire, he just gave up Frodo’s location. The hobbit couldn’t have known the danger he was putting Frodo in, but still. It was a black hooded ghost riding a beaten up black horse, a scary guy, and you just gave up the location of one of your own. Back to Gandalf showing up, you could see the panic on his face. The ring’s safety had him really worried, the ring itself and Frodo.

Now it gets interesting…

Let’s dive into another book of Lord of the Rings shall we? This week’s blog posts will be about the second Lord of the Rings book. For now we’ll start off with the first three chapters.

In the beginning of the first chapter Frodo awakens after being stabbed by a Morgul-knife. He sees Gandalf sitting in a chair near a window in the room. Frodo was very much pleased to see Gandalf in his room. They talked for a while about the attack and where Gandalf himself had been. Wondering all this time where had Gandalf been, Frodo asked. He replied: “We shall have a Council, as soon as you are well enough. At the moment I will only say that I was held captive.” I had wondered how a wizard like himself could have been held captive. If he is such a great wizard how did he get himself into that situation? I continued to read hoping I would soon find out what had happened.

I had only gotten one page further when Frodo said he did not realize the horrible danger he would be in carrying the ring. How could he have not known? He was afraid to travel with the ring, but who wouldn’t be. And yeah he didn’t know about the Dark Lord and his servants being after the ring, but he had to have realized there would be danger in traveling with it. I was shocked, to say the least, that he didn’t think there would danger in the journey.

Frodo awoke the next day and Sam was ready to lead him to a feast. In this feast we met Glóin, one of the twelve companions of Thorin Oakenshield. The feast was over and Frodo and the others at the feast followed Elrond down the hall. Sitting on a stool in the corner was a shadow. Elrond spoke to the shadow saying a friend you’ve wished for is here. The shadow turned around and Frodo sprang up. The shadowed figure was Bilbo. The two were more than excited so see each other alive and well.

Now we begin the second chapter. The next morning the Council meeting was held. Here we meet Legolas. I had gotten a bit excited to read him name because he was one of the only characters I knew about before reading the book. In this Council meeting the ring’s make and forger was told to Frodo. Aragorn talked about his capture of Gollum and then how he had escaped his guards with the help of Orcs and is probably helping Sauron. In this meeting Gandalf shares the details of being held captive. Saruman the White, the greatest of Gandalf’s order, turns out to be a bad guy. Saruman wanted to be a part of the new Power that was rising, the Dark Lord’s power, and needed the ring to get there and be part of the new Power. After the discussion of Gandalf capture, the council decided the ring had to be dealt with. The options were slim. Either destroy the ring or send it over the Sea. I was confused as to what was decided to do with the ring, but with what little I have seen and heard of the movie and book, I know they decide to destroy the ring.  In chapter three Elrond decides who travels with Frodo. He chooses nine to accompany the ring against the Nine Riders, aka the Black Riders. Elrond chooses Gandalf, and the rest represent the Free Peoples of the World. For Elves he chose Legolas, Gimli son of Glóin for the Dwarves, and Aragorn for men. Stider has decided to join Frodo and his new crew on their journey. Sam, Merry, and Pippen refused to be left being and were allowed to join the crew. This made the Company of the Ring

Book One Continues

Frodo has lived seventeen years peacefully with the ring until one day Gandalf returns with news of the Dark Lord knowing of the ring’s whereabouts and Frodo has to leave the shire. Frodo, his devoted gardener Sam, and cousins Merry and Pippen leave for the Elf land of Rivendell. On their quest, they travel through the Old Forest and get attacked by evil trees and ghosts. Frodo and his companions reach the village of Bree and meet Aragorn, a Ranger of the North. Aragorn helps the group get to Rivendell. As they travel through the woods they get attacked by Black Riders. Black Riders are servants trying to retrieve the ring for the Dark Lord. Frodo is stabbed by one of the Black Riders. Glorfindel, an Elf of Elrond’s Household, brings Frodo to Rivendell safely.

For the seventeen years Frodo has had the ring he has had no trouble with it. Now, he has fled his house and gone on dangerous trips through dangerous woods to protect the ring. Still not knowing the full potential and powers of the ring he is adamant to keep it protected.

Frodo is in a unique situation. He has to protect his magical ring with only the help of his gardener, cousins, and two guys he has just met. He has not seen Gandalf since given the news of the Dark Lord knowing of the ring’s possessor. Without the help of Gandalf, Frodo’s exploration to the Elf land of Rivendell has been more dangerous than he thought.

Has Gandalf learned of the One Ring’s other powers? If so, why does he not take the ring and protect it himself?

‘“Well, here we are!” said Merry. “And very cheerless and uninviting it looks! There is no water and no shelter. And no sign of Gandalf. But I don’t blame him for not waiting- if he ever came here.”’

In chapter eleven, the group arrived in the village of Bree. As they arrived they found nothing; no water, no food, and no wizard. Merry did not believe Gandalf even passes through Bree. Had Gandalf thought this through or was it unsafe for him to stay?

Maybe Gandalf had chosen to pass through Bree because he knew it was lifeless. If no one was in the village there would be a safe passage for Frodo and the ring. The Dark Lord would not know where they were because they were all alone. Was Gandalf passing through the villages to make sure they were safe before Frodo passed through them? If so, why would he not just stay with Frodo. Gandalf was not in Bree when Frodo made it to the village. He must have known of the dangers of traveling with the ring and wanted to protect Frodo without interference. If Gandalf would have been with the crew would there have been more or less danger than before?

The Fellowship of the Ring: Book One

“I have merely begun to wonder about the ring, especially since last night, No need to worry. But if you take my advice you will use it very seldom. Or not at all. At least I beg you not to use it in any way that will cause talk or rouse suspicion. I say again: keep it safe, and keep it secret!”- Gandalf the Wizard

I thought I’d start of my blog with a quote leading to major foreshadowing.

The Lord of the Rings takes place in Middle Earth filled with wizards, hobbits, elves, dwarves, and many more mythical creatures fighting for the Rings of Power. The Rings of Power were created by the Elven-smiths and the Dark Lord. Nineteen rings were made by the Elven-smiths and one additional ring made by Sauron, the Dark Lord. Sauron made the One Ring, filling it with his own powers, so he could rule the other nineteen. The nineteen rings depend on the One. The powers and wielders of the other nineteen rings are controlled by the One. The master ring had the powers of the others. The ring could take you to an unseen realm, the holder would develop a strong attachment, an extended lifespan, the ability to understand evil creature’s speech, and more. The One was taken and lost for many years. Sméagol became the holder of the One. The ring created Gollum, Sméagol’s new persona caused by the ring. Bilbo Baggins, a hobbit, later took the ring from Gollum and was its new bearer and the ring was his precious. Bilbo was the ring’s holder for sixty years. On his one hundred and eleventh birthday, Bilbo gifted the ring to his nephew Frodo. Frodo, knowing little of the ring and its abilities, is thrown into an adventure.

As I started the book, I realized there is going to more detail than any book I had read before. The first chapter itself is all about Bilbo’s party. The gifts, arraignments, activities, and traditions of a hobbit’s birthday party were all described in forty-one pages. There were moments throughout the first chapter that referenced the One Ring. Frodo receiving the ring as a present began the foreshadowing.

Before gifting the ring, Bilbo used it to disappear from his own birthday party. He had snuck into his house using the ring. Bilbo had already decided to gift the ring to Frodo. Gandalf the Wizard found Bilbo leaving a letter with the ring for Frodo to find later. Bilbo hesitated to leave the ring and called it his “precious,” as Gollum used to. The ring’s power of forcing the bearer to have a strong, unnatural attraction to it had started to show in Bilbo. He then realized he did need to leave the ring behind for Frodo.

In the first chapter, the only known powers of the ring were its ability to take you to an unseen realm and give you an unusual attachment.

Gandalf’s quote at the beginning of this post rouses suspicion of the ring’s other powers. What does the ring possess that needs to be hidden? What else is the ring capable of doing?